To use the filter simply fill with water and let nature do its work. 
Using your Original Waters Filter 

  • Fill to the top with room temperature or cold water. Never use hot water, which will ruin the filter cartridge.​

  • Before the filter's first use: filter through and discard the water 3 times. 

  • If the filter is not used for 3 days or more, filter and discard the water once.

  • The filter flow rate is much faster when filled to the top. If you're ever in a hurry to get more water, you can keep the levels topped off. Note that the reservoir will overflow if too full. 

Maintaining your Original Waters Filter 

  • It's recommended to remove and clean the filter cartridge every season.

    • Unscrew the filter wing-nut and remove the filter cartridge, retaining the washer to be re-installed. ​

    • Using a green pad, lightly scrub the cartridge under cold water for 30 seconds. This will remove clogs and return the filter to its optimum speed. 

    • When re-installing the cartridge, the wing-nut only should only be hand tightened. 

  • Algae may start to form on the glass if the system is exposed to direct sunlight, but a quick seasonal cleaning of the jars will prevent this. Do not use hot water to clean the jars, only warm. Hot water may cause cold glass to crack. 

  • The filter cartridge is rated for 1,200 gallons. You can estimate your average water use and mark a calendar for replacing the filter. Any gravity filter cartridge that fits can be used. We recommend Aquacera CeraMetix 7".


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