All Original Waters Filter systems are made from 100% glass, with a stainless steel spigot, and come standard with industry leading Aquacera CeraMetix® filters, the most advanced ceramic filter available for gravity use.  

Filters are currently available for purchase in the Asheville area. Please contact us to purchase or with any questions.

Spring Waters 


Our standard four-gallon system. A two gallon reservoir and two gallon filter unit with one filter cartridge. Ideal for households with 2-4 people. 

Ocean Waters


Our four-gallon system. with an additional filter cartrdige for 2x the filtering speed. Ideal for households with 4-8 people. More filters can be added for an even faster filtering rate, contact us to discuss a build customized to your individual needs. 

Stream Waters


Our compact system. A 1.5 gallon reservoir and one-gallon filter unit with one filter cartridge. Ideal for a single user or small household. 

Replacement filters

Replacement CeraMetix 7" filters can be ordered directly through Aquacera.  Any other gravity filter with the appropriate thread and filter dimensions can be used.

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