In 2015 I moved in to my friends' home in West Asheville. They were drinking water straight from the tap, full of fluoride and chlorine, tasting metallic and dusty. I was going to run out and buy a Brita but as I started doing research I realized that the most well known water filters actually don't filter out much, and they are far more expensive than they seem when factoring in the cost of replacement filters. 


After doing a lot of research I decided upon a Berkey filter. But Berkey charges a lot of money for an unattractive metal housing with a flimsy plastic spigot. 


I realized that I could build a superior product for less money. Out of high quality  glass. With a beautiful solid metal spigot. I found a small U.S. company, AquaCera, that manufactures superior cartridges with integrated fluoride and heavy metal filtering (other filter companies require the purchase of an expensive add-on). 


Over two years of using and enjoying the filter, many people visiting our home commented on how much they loved the filter and wanted to buy one. I started building filters for friends and family, and after seeing how much people loved them, I decided to go into business. 


I feel these filters to be the most effective, affordable, and beautiful choice available. I hope you get as much health & enjoyment from your filter as I have, and please be in touch with any questions or feedback. 



Ben Bruckman


Original Waters


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